Big Hero 6 Footage Previews San Fransokyo

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We sometimes forget just how much Disney is capable of doing. They own most of the Marvel universe, as well as the Star Wars universe, and they can do anything with those properties.

Including animation.

Disney Animation is taking on its first Marvel property in Big Hero 6, a team first created in 1998. Take a look at the first footage from the Big Hero 6 movie, which gives us a glimpse at the very cool-looking hybrid city of San Fransokyo:

The comic follows Hiro Hamada, young robotics prodigy with a robot companion BayMax, who joins forces with a superheroes team in Tokyo.

Don Hall is directing the movie, which changed locations to the fake hybrid city in order to strike a balance between the "real world" setting of most Marvel properties and the more fantastical side of Disney.

Big Hero 6 will premiere November 7, 2014, though it may not technically count as "Marvel Phase 2."

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