Anchorman 2 Trailer: Say What?

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Ron Burgundy is back and ready to conquer the big city!

Following yesterday's Anchorman 2 poster, the first trailer for Anchorman 2 is here! Watch it below:

Will Ferrell returns to don the mustache in the highly-anticipated comedy sequel. This time, Ron competes for a job at a cable news network, bringing the old gang back together to help him out.

That means David Koechner, Paul Rudd, and Steve Carell (Despicable Me 2) are at his side, with Christina Applegate returning as well.

Kristen Wiig, Fred Willard, Chris Parnell, Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Greg Kinnear, Meagan Good, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, John C. Reilly, and Harrison Ford also star.

Get ready for Anchorman 2 December 20, and if you want to be in a glass case of emotion, you can relive the first film by reading through some hilarious Anchorman quotes.

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Anchorman 2 Quotes

Brick Tamland: Let's take a look at the big map. Where’s the map?
Ron Burgundy: Take a look at the monitor.
Brick Tamland: Oh god, Ron, where's my legs? I don't have any legs, Ron. Ahhh! In 93, 93…

Ron Burgundy: We've got a job in New York City.
Brian Fantana: Hey Ron, who's driving?
Ron Burgundy: It's okay. It’s on cruise control.
Champ Kind: Why do you have this bag of bowling balls and this terrarium filled with scorpions?
Ron Burgundy: It's a crazy story.
Brian Fantana: Cruise control just regulates speed. It doesn't steer.
Baxter: [barks]
Brick Tamland: He says we're all gonna die!
[Motorhome crashes]
Ron Burgundy: That is going to make one hell of a story.

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Anchorman 2 Trailer