Man of Steel Sequel Announced: Batman Will Appear in World's Finest!

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Man of Steel is getting a sequel, and that is not even the biggest news: Batman will appear in the Zack Snyder-directed follow-up to his smash. Using a speech from The Dark Knight Returns, actor Harry Lennix (who's in Man of Steel) joined Snyder on stage at Comic-Con and made a statement that will be felt throughout the DC cinematic world.

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Jensen Ackles all the way. Supernatural isn't especially popular but those who watch it know exactly what I'm talking about. He can pull off the humble hero act effortlessly and he has the charm to round out the role. I can't imagine a better batman than Jensen


Jensen Ackles would be perfect as Batman!


Jensen Ackles from Supernatural, although not a household name, is a fantastic actor embodies what a hero is. Humble selfless loyal. He would be an excellent Batman and we could definitely use a new fresh face on the big screen.


WTH is JGL the top choice? he shouldn't has anything to do with the new DCU....audience will misthink it takes place in Nolanverse, which Batman hung his cape already....and it's weird to have people call him John Blake instead of Bruce Wayne.!!!