Enough Said Review: James Gandolfini Leaves on a High Note

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This Enough Said review has to commence with an exclamation: Thank goodness they still make movies like this one starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini! It is the rare joy in recent years to find a romantic comedy that is equally smart, savvy, reflects reality circa 2013 and yes… is romantic and funny.

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss James Gandolfini Enough Said

Louis-Dreyfus stars as Eva, a single mother raising her daughter who hardly makes time for dating. She is content readying her daughter for college in the fall and soaking in those last moments before things permanently change. Gandolfini is Albert, and he is kind of living a similar life. He is divorced from his wife and is consumed with fighting the empty nest syndrome by making sure everything’s perfect for his daughter as she heads off to study in New York City.

The pair meet at a party where Louis-Dreyfus was almost forced to go by her best friends, played by Toni Collette and Ben Falcone. It is there, as seen in the Enough Said trailer, where Louis-Dreyfus and Gandolfini each agree that there is no one there who either is attracted to… yet these two find themselves out on a date soon after.

There is something compelling Albert and Eva to at least go out to dinner. They have a great time, but Louis-Dreyfus feels little chemistry... at least not yet!

Meanwhile, she makes a contact at that previously mentioned party named Marianne (Catherine Keener). See, Eva is a masseuse and Marianne is having shoulder problems. The two become fast friends and as also previewed in the trailer, Eva discovers Albert is Marianne’s ex-husband. And we're off...

Louis-Dreyfus has not made a film in nine years while she has continued her success as a TV comic actress. She has said that she was waiting for the right role in the right film and wouldn’t “settle.” Enough Said was so worth waiting for because this is a role that writer-director Nicole Holofcener had to have crafted with the former Seinfeld star in mind. She fits it like a glove.

Enough Said Julia Louis-Dreyfus James Gandolfini

There’s an uncomfortable-ness to her portrayal of Eva that permeates throughout and produces much of the laughs. She is uncanny and it is a treasure to witness her in a role where she explores every corner brilliantly while still being part of the ensemble that is brilliantly cast in Enough Said.

And then there’s Gandolfini. Yes, it is one of his last roles as Gandolfini recently passed. And what a high note to leave the world truly missing your glorious talent. The actor is soft-spoken and rough around the edges -- but all lovable -- and we pull for his Albert and Eva to make it work, despite the obvious issues with friends and romantic entanglements.

Plus, Gandolfini and Louis-Dreyfus' chemistry is so strong, even evident on that first Enough Said poster!

In the end, Enough Said is a smart, unpredictable (a rarity these days) film that makes you fall in love with it, its characters… and all while laughing hysterically throughout. It may seem cliche, but Enough Said will make you laugh, cry and leave the theater enriched for the experience.


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Enough Said Review

When James Gandolfini died, it was a moment that fans would remember for some time. But with movies like one of his last, Enough Said,...

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