Iron Man 3 DVD Review: Robert Downey Jr. Shows His Mettle

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Iron Man 3 has arrived on DVD and Blu-Ray, and it is so much more than simply a terrific movie landing on home video. The bounty of extras is astounding, and then there’s that exclusive look at Thor: The Dark World. The Iron Man 3 DVD may go down as one of the best from Marvel Studios… if not the best.

Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray/DVD Set

What is so smart, and why Marvel is the gold standard of not only comic book movies, but storytelling as well, is that they do not ignore what has happened before… as we stated in our theatrical Iron Man 3 review.

Tony Stark is deeply affected by, as he says, “What happened in New York.” What occurred on the streets of Manhattan in The Avengers is a huge part in the world of Iron Man 3 and not simply its influence over Stark’s psyche. How does one operate as a hero when you now know there are aliens that can kill, gods who wield a hammer and a Hulk with superhuman strength?

What else is utterly fantastic about this third Iron Man, which may be its best, is the addition of director Shane Black -- who stepped in for Jon Favreau. There is a crispness to not only the dialogue, but to the story as a whole. This thing really moves and is executed with the smartest of touches thanks to Black and his co-screenwriters. And Black’s chemistry with Downey from their making Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is evident as the two seem to have an unspoken language, and the beneficiary is the audience who gets not only a stellar superhero movie, but a terrific movie all on its own. That $1.2 billion in global box office is no accident.

Don Cheadle is given a more expanded role in Iron Man 3 and it too only enhances the story. With Stark suffering from what seems like PTSD, getting a little help from his friends shows that Iron Man has been a part of a team (in The Avengers), and his willingness to accept help in Iron Man 3 shows his growth as a character and perhaps, just perhaps, a lessening of his uber-large ego!

Iron Man from Iron Man 3

And one more thing before we get to the bevy of bonus features. Putting Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts in the suit and allowing her to get in on the action is utter brilliance. Of course, she is no Iron Man, but in an era with so many strong female characters, the time for a female superhero is long overdue. And with Paltrow kicking butt in the film, as teased in the Iron Man 3 trailer, at least it’s a start.

The extras on the home video release we’ve already shown are merely the tip of the iceberg. We’ve featured the Iron Man 3 gag reel, the Mandarin deleted scene (Ben Kingsley, superb as a villain unlike any we’ve ever seen) and the Mandarin “accents” scene. The featurette that truly blew us away was Iron Man 3 Unmasked. You think you know Iron Man and his tale? Think again as this bonus feature should delight fans and will surely make millions of new ones as it provides an insight into not only the making of a movie, but the making of a movie icon.

Also, the inclusion of the Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter is further proof that Marvel Studios is truly just beginning its Golden Age. It takes Peggy Carter of Captain America and gives her her own short movie adventure. It takes place moments after the first Cap movie and shows that there may be more to this arc of the Marvel universe than what was seen by Atwell in Captain America.

And fans of Thor should be chomping at the bit to pick up the Iron Man 3 DVD and Blu-Ray for the behind-the-scenes look at Thor: The Dark World. Viewers get a first look at new worlds and villains that make Loki look like Bambi.

One of the most spectacular action sequences in all of Iron Man 3 is the Air Force One rescue. How on earth did they film that action sequence where Iron Man rescues all those aboard a doomed airliner? Well, thanks to the movie magic that is explained in Deconstructing The Scene: Attack on Air Force One, you have your answer, and it is Marvel-ous!

Iron Man Airplane Still

Given the power that Black has over this third Iron Man movie, his audio commentary track is a don’t-miss. His insight into the thought process behind so many of the series’ most pivotal scenes is simply priceless. 


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Iron Man 3 Review

Iron Man 3 has arrived on DVD and Blu-Ray, and it is so much more than simply a terrific movie landing on home video. The bounty of...

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