Runner Runner Trailer: Everyone Gambles

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There is something oddly appealing about wanting to see a man-on-man duel of wits, brawn and bucks that is Ben Affleck versus Justin Timberlake in Runner Runner. The gambling thriller has released a full trailer and if they say chemistry is everything, I’d bet heavily on this film that also stars Gemma Arterton and Anthony Mackie. I mean, look at this Runner Runner clip where Affleck blows up at Timberlake for busting into his house all hot and bothered.

Timberlake is Richie, an ironic name given the fact that he graduates from Princeton deep in debt and decides to wage all his money on an online gambling site to pay off his enormous student loans. See, Richie is quite good at poker and he figures it’s money in the bag. Well, of course it’s not or we wouldn’t have a movie grounded in some sort of reality. Affleck owns the online casino and when Timberlake smells foul, he heads down to Costa Rica to make things right. He never could have guessed how deep he would get.

The first Runner Runner trailer hinted at the spotlight on the ease with which one can lose their shirts online. This latest teaser for the film landing October 4 has us thinking it’s much more and all about those leads going tete a tete. 

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