Carrie Review: Teen Terror Is Timely

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When it comes to remaking a horror classic, there are several things that can work in a movie's favor. One is if the source material is rich enough to warrant another take. And in the case of Carrie, the Stephen King book has elements that were not necessarily explored by Brian De Palma in his classic film starring Sissy Spacek.


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    I enjoyed the movie, but the one thing that kept popping into my mind is that they should have made her a bit plainer. In the book Carrie was very plain looks-wise and overweight which added to her social awkwardness and victimization. Both Sissy Spacek and Chloe Moretz were very pretty and slim which made it hard to believe that they were as much an outcast as was needed in the character. As wrong as it is, beauty actually draws people to someone so girls that were as pretty as these actresses would have had some friends, at least in my experience. I myself was very plain and overweight in high school which made me shy and awkward and inevitably a target. The girls who were slender and pretty were never victimized as much as the girls who were not.


    As far as new trailers, there are several I am looking forward to. ABOUT TIME, PHILOMENA, and THE HOBBIT. NEED FOR SPEED and possibly a distant one at that I FRANKENSTEIN. What are some of your choices?


    I liked this telling of CARRIE. The cast was more age appropriate. The end was not as great as the original,but, still satisfying. The opening scene of the film, I found was more terrifying than the rest of the film. Did I like the film YES! Did I love it NO! I believe there will never a perfect Stephen King film. This one comes close, but still NO

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