15 Totally Awesome Movie Posters: From Pulp Fiction and Jaws to Ghostbusters!

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The movie poster is a lost art. They used to be pieces of work that would adorn many a bedroom wall.

Now, often, they just put the main character on there, with a gun pointing at something!

We present 15 of the most memorable movie posters of all time, and many of them are for classic movies. That is hardly a surprise. The time and creative effort that goes into making a good movie poster has to reflect the same energy that went into making the movie itself.

That is never more evident than in these 15 classics -- from Raiders of the Lost Ark and Alien to the movie that seeing its poster below will make you want to go watch Pulp Fiction online!

Star Wars
Star Wars hit theaters in the mid-1970s and became an immediate sensation. Think that had anything to do with this poster?

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