Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Without Sex?

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Although Fifty Shades of Grey is just about done filming those kinky sex scenes between leads Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele and Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey, it appears that audiences might never get to see much of them. Reports are surfacing from the Canadian set that the studio wants desperately to get a younger audience into the theaters, thus likely sending up its box office profits. As it stands right now, there is no way the film mirrors the book and does not get the dreaded NC-17.

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Even if it was cut back to an “R” rating, that would severely restrict the audience that could see the film based on the book series by E.L. James.

This could easily be a case of the film arriving in theaters for a mass audience with a PG-13 rating that pushes the boundaries, while many of the sex scenes are alluded to or discussed in dialogue rather than shown with visuals. Then, a “director’s cut” of the film could arrive on DVD and Blu-Ray to satisfy the legions of fans who want to see the story played out visually as James envisioned it on her pages.

At the end of the day, movie studios are in the business of making money. So, this move is hardly a surprise to us at Movie Fanatic.

Sometimes things can be even more sexy if they are simply alluded to, instead of thrown in your face. But, then again, that is not what Fifty Shades of Grey has been about. On paper, it had the potential to be the most sexually graphic film made in decades. But if you think about it, Hollywood doesn’t make those movies anymore. So, one could see that this story has some merits.

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Would you see a toned down Fifty Shades of Grey

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Rem who bought the wasn't a bunch of kids it was adults,.......stupid ppl


Rem who bought the wasn't a bunch of kids it was adults,.......stupid ppl


Yes, but there is no way they are going PG-13

Fifty Shades of Grey Quotes

I want you ready and waiting in my playroom in 15 minutes.

Christian Grey

Christian Grey: It's just behind this door.
Anastasia Steele: What is?
Christian Grey: My playroom.
Anastasia Steele: Like your Xbox and stuff?
Christian Grey: It's important that you know you can leave at anytime.
Anastasia Steele: Why? What's in there?
Christian Grey: I meant what I said. The helicopter is on standby to take you whenever you want to go.
Anastasia Steele: Could you just open the door?
Anastasia Steele: [walks into the room] Oh my God.

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