The LEGO Movie Quotes: I Super Hate You!

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The LEGO Movie is a blockbuster, easily winning its first weekend box office.

The film is a comedy for the ages and it is only beginning its smash hit run. The sign of any good comedy is audiences leave the theater quoting it, and The LEGO Movie is no different.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller directed the smash hit, and as they achieved with their last film with those awesome 21 Jump Street quotes -- as you'll see when you watch 21 Jump Street online -- they have done it again with The LEGO Movie. 

Click through and check out our favorite The LEGO Movie quotes... so far!

We'll be adding to this as the days and weeks go on!

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The LEGO Movie Quotes

Green Lantern: Don't worry Superman, I'll get you out of there
Superman: No,don't...
Green Lantern: Oh my gosh, my hands are stuck. My legs are stuck as well.
Superman: I super hate you.

President Business: [On TV] Hi, I'm President Business, president of the Octan Corporation and the World. Let's all take care to follow the Instructions
President Business: , or you'll be put to sleep.

The LEGO Movie Review

The success and how bloody fantastic The LEGO Movie is should not have surprised anyone. Given that the film is from Phil Lord and Chris...

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