15 Best Disaster Movies: Oh, the Humanity!

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Hollywood loves to destroy things, there is no question. The disaster movie has become a stalwart of every movie season. 

It truly became its own sub-genre of action-thriller in the 1970s and studios have not shied away from it since. 

They can take real life disasters (watch Titanic online and see what we're talking about) or fictional ones (watch Armageddon online) and one thing becomes clear: Audiences have a knack for taking shelter in the fact that what they're witnessing on screen is not happening to them!

Click through and check out our 15 disaster movies that are the best at destroying things.

The Day After Tomorrow
The Day After Tomorrow imagines the end of the world, but this time -- it's our fault. Thanks to global warming, the world faces its greatest challenge. And we get to watch it through the eyes of Jake Gyllenhaal and Dennis Quaid! And yes, it's another on this list from Roland Emmerich. He sure likes to destroy things!


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