21 TV Shows Turned Movies That Work: From 21 Jump Street to The Fugitive!

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Taking a TV show and making it a full length movie, more often than not, does not work. 

But, there are times that it works and works so well it wins Oscars or gets a sequel. 

Just watch 21 Jump Street online and you'll see what we mean! And sometimes, a TV to movie effort even gives us movie lines that we still quote years later... just check out these Borat quotes and you'll agree!

We present the 21 TV shows that became movies that work!

21 Jump Street
Turning a somewhat cheesy 1980s cops go undercover in high school TV show into a full blown action comedy was a risk. And it paid off... big time. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum nailed it. And it gets major points for the Johnny Depp cameo!


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