Out of the Furnace DVD Review: Christian Bale Seeks Revenge

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Out of the Furnace is a gritty revenge thriller (check out our 11 revenge thrillers that rivet!) featuring and all-star cast led by Woody Harrelson, Christian Bale and Casey Affleck. The powerful film is out now on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download.

Out of the Furnace Blu-Ray

Bale stars as the brother of Affleck and they live in a depressed part of rural Pennsylvania where the only way to truly make something of oneself is the local factory. But, since work has slowed, even that is becoming more and more difficult. Affleck, an Iraq war vet who has done numerous tours of duty, returns home and doesn’t want to follow his brother Bale and work in the factory. He has bigger dreams.

Those seem achievable, thanks to an underground fight honcho (Harrelson) who promises the talented fighter a rosy future. Given the gritty nature of our rocking thriller (check out our theatrical Out of the Furnace review for more), we all know how that will end.

Out of the Furnace also stars Forest Whitaker, Zoe Saldana, Willem Dafoe, Sam Shepard and is directed with power and presence by Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart). The viewer truly feels the desperation of a part of America who seems to wonder whether its best days are the ones that have already passed. Cooper captures this sentiment with such clarity, it is truly astounding.

The bonus features on the Out of the Furnace home video release fit the rough nature of the film itself and truly take the audience inside that world.

The featurette Inspiration explores Cooper’s (who also wrote the script), well, inspiration for this story… one that hit him while he was crossing the “Rust Belt” promoting his last movie, Crazy Heart. It is a fascinating look at how a film goes from simple idea to one that comes to fruition.

In that vein, the feature Scott Cooper takes a look at the magician behind this movie magic. Although the writer-director is just getting started, from the film itself to the bonus feature that focuses on his brilliance, we get the sense that we are witnessing the beginning works of a master of movies who is just getting started.

Out of the Furnace Christian Bale Casey Affleck

The fight scenes are a huge part of this film. They define Affleck’s character, but they also give us the root of the revenge mission that Bale will eventually embark upon. Crafting the Fight Scenes is a priceless look at how Cooper and his team put these scenes together to set them apart from films such as Fight Club, while still having them possess that same raw nature that comes from underground, no-holds-barred fighting.

One of the elements that truly gives Out of the Furnace its desperate feel is the score. The Music of Out of the Furnace takes us inside that process and is a unique bonus feature that focuses on the music that truly stirs the audience's emotions.

This is one powerful film that you can discover simply by reading these Out of the Furnace quotes and when you watch Out of the Furnace online.


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Out of the Furnace Quotes

Where's my fucking money?

Harlan DeGroat

Harlan DeGroat: I want my fucking money, Petty. You hear me, you fucking cunt. Give me my fucking money. I don't give a shit how you get it, give me it. You fucking cunt.
John Petty: Now, will you calm down. I'll get you the money, Harlan. I'm fixin' for a fight this week.
Harlan DeGroat: You've been saying that but you've been fuckin' jerkin' me off. Give me my fucking money, you cunt.

Out of the Furnace Review

Out of the Furnace is a gritty revenge thriller (check out our 11 revenge thrillers that rivet!) featuring and all-star cast led by Woody...

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