21 '80s Movies That Define a Decade: Going Back to the Future

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When people talk about '80s movies, oftentimes it can be seen as a negative connotation. But with the synthesizer soundtracks, cheesy lines and over the top hair and make-up… it is honestly warranted.

But, there are '80s movies that define the decade and show that it was actually quite a fruitful time for film. Many have in fact gone down in history as some of the best movies of all time, regardless of their era.

Watch Blade Runner online or even read these The Breakfast Club quotes and it is easy to see that Hollywood made quite a few fantastic films in the decade of decadence.

We present 21 '80s movies that have over time come to -- in our minds -- define the decade. After witnessing our list of the best of '80s movies, don’t be surprised if you’re moved to watch Beetlejuice online and check back in with many other classics from the era of Ronald Reagan and the birth of MTV.

Click through and enjoy our 21 '80s movies that defined a decade. 

Top Gun
Besides making Tom Cruise a huge star, Top Gun seriously personified the decade of the '80s. Between its larger than life scale and its soundtrack that was all the rage on Top 40 radio, Top Gun was tops in many people's minds when it comes to '80s films.


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No Raging Bull? Absolutely sinful!