9 Can't Hardly Wait Cameos We Hardly Noticed

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Can't Hardly Wait is a classic '90s teen comedy that was billed as a breakout vehicle for star Jennifer Love Hewitt. 

It gave us those unforgettable Can't Hardly Wait quotes, but it also would give us much, much more in the form of a slew of stars that went from uncredited turns in that comedy to much, much bigger things. 

Watch Can't Hardly Wait online and see if you can spot these stars who went from bit parts to anchoring their own flicks and some of TV's biggest shows.

Click through and discover 9 Can't Hardly Wait cameos that you hardly knew about!

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Can't Hardly Wait Quotes

Kenny Fisher: I mean peep this - They say here 92 percent of the honeys at UCLA are sexually active. 92 percent of the women in Los Angeles at UCLA walking around going, "Class... or sex? What shall I do?" 92 percent, yo! Hey, you know what that means?
Ritchie Koolboy: What?
Kenny Fisher: It means I gots a 92 percent chance of embarrassing myself. I roll up on that shorty be like, "What's up yo?" she be like, "You don't know 20 different ways to make me call you Big Poppa" cuz I don't yo.

Would you like to touch my penis? I am a sex machine!

Exchange student