The Fault in Our Stars Extended Trailer: How to Tell Sad Stories

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The extended The Fault in Our Stars trailer has landed and it truly has us keenly interested in this flick.

We adore how star Shailene Woodley starts the trailer and sets the tone with her narration… even with her backhanded compliment to one of our 21 '80s movies that defined the decade and its boom box scene, Say Anything.

Woodley stars as a teenager who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 13. She has been fighting it ever since and she finds love in the most unlikely of places -- her support group. Ansel Elgort is in remission and he sees something in Woodley, something she doesn’t even see in herself.  

The film is based on the book by John Green and is from the writers of 500 Days of Summer. Talk about a great pedigree!

The Fault in Our Stars lands June 6, and here are some other fantastic films that find a priceless way to handle one tough subject.

Dying Young
Dying Young featured Julia Roberts in one of her first roles post Pretty Woman. Roberts plays a woman stricken with cancer, who finds love.

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