Transformers Age of Extinction TV Spot: Mark Wahlberg Finds a Transformer

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To celebrate Mark Wahlberg’s honor at the MTV Movie Awards, Paramount has released a new trailer for his latest film, Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Wahlberg has us truly excited to check out the fourth Transformers film as it hits theaters June 27. Shia LaBeouf has exited the franchise and one of our favorite actors in Wahlberg takes over as lead in the series’ fourth chapter.  

This time out, the “Battle of Chicago” is fresh on everyone’s minds. So, it’s easy to see how the Transformers are laying low. In fact, we get the idea in the opening moments of this TV spot that even the existence of a Transformer will have the government seriously mobilizing.

Stay tuned for more on Transformers: Age of Extinction from us as the release date gets closer. For now, let’s meet some of Wahlberg’s metallic co-stars, and in the meantime, go back to the beginning and watch Transformers online to see how it all began.

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