Star Wars Episode VII: First Picture of Chewbacca!

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We've got the first photo of actor Peter Mayhew back in the Chewbacca suit that made the character both a sci-fi and pop culture icon!

During a costume test as J.J. Abrams gets ready to start production on his film after the announcement of the Star Wars: Episode VII cast, Disney CEO Bob Iger took an Instagram photo for the Star Wars page and this furry fellow popped his head in. 

It was Mayhew who was even in the news recently for the franchise that made him famous for reasons other than the new film. Mayhew provided us with those hilarious Star Wars behind-the-scenes photos that have never been released! 

We are too pleased that's he back, of course, as well as Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill. 

Click through and check out our Star Wars: Episode VII behind-the-scenes gallery and keep checking back as this thing will certainly grow ever bigger!

Loose Lips Bring Down Starships
This poster really says it all on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII.

And while we're on the subject of our most anticipated movie of the next several years, click through and see the 9 things we want to see in Star Wars: Episode VII.

Han Solo Must Have a Huge Part
We've heard that Harrison Ford's Han Solo has an enormous part in the seventh Star Wars movie. Ford would not have signed on to J.J. Abrams' film if that was not the case.

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