Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Review: Something Silly Is In That Water

I want to go back in time to stop myself from wasting the better part of two hours.

As we walked along the flatblock marina, I was calm on the outsi...

I had not cut into any of Dim's main cables and so, with the help of a clean tashtook, the red, red krovvy soon stopped, and it did not take long to quieten the two wounded soldiers, down in the snug of the Duke of New York. Now they knew who was Master and Leader. Sheep, thought I, but a real leader knows always when like to give and show generous to his unders.

11 Career-Killing Movies: Box Office Blunders!

You think kid Anakin was bad, Hayden Christensen was easily worse. His "flirting" with Padme was SUPER creepy and was basically monotone the entire time


This movie was AMAZING! The music was so unreal, I bought the album right off iTunes as soon as I got back from the theater.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water Movie Trailer

i love spongebob squarepants

First Look at the New Ghostbusters Cast Together!

should of cast Whoopi Goldberg for the role playing a african american ghostbuster.

Joshua yamada

I just hope and pray that Episode VII: The Force Awakens won't be a disaster like Episode I: The Phantom Menace!

13 Hottest Fifty Shades of Grey Quotes: Enlighten Me!

I haven't read the books because I just won't. However, in viewing the trailers - there is a scene that is very reminiscent of Twilight (and the 'enlighten me' comment seems to be an expansion of this, also); where Christian says something about not being able to stay away from her. Ana's reply is, "then don't" (or something very close to it). Anyone else remember that scene in the first Twilight movie? Fiction done right doesn't hurt anybody - but, Twilight wasn't done right; 50 Shades is only ONE bad consequence that came out of it. Remember that it was written for young girls? The ‘consenting adults’ excuse doesn’t cut it - the movie is no more about BDSM than Twilight was about Vampires. 50 Shades is virtual proof of how warped the obsessions of so many OLDER Twilight fans were so many years ago. What happened with The Twilight Saga is VERY RARE professionally-negligent publishing – NOT ‘Free Speech’. There are REAL AMATEUR LITERARY REASONS WHY Twilight messed with so many people’s heads – and WE are the ones who get called ‘crazy’ for it. (Unless we manage to write a XXX blockbuster based on all this negligence that makes a handful of people a sh*tload of money.) SEARCH explaintwilightbreakingdawnending on blogspot for all the details on how a romantic sparkling vamp accidentally inspired Christian Grey.


I'm okay with this viral marketing. After all, it's the Big Show. http://filmcutting.com/jurassi...

Striptease - 11 Career-Killing Movies

My BFF and I went to see Pluto Nash in the theater. It was so bad we got up and left early in the film. We now use that film as the measure of how bad a film was. We ask each other: Was it worse than Pluto Nash? So far, no film, no matter how bad, has met that standard.

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