Striptease - 11 Career-Killing Movies

Don't count Mike Myers career over either, he is still working, and the death of his career after one flop is hardly assured.

@ dragontech64

Uh, Mike Myers had more than one flop: Love Guru
Cat in the Hat
Wayne's World 2
So I Married an Axe Murderer

@ Lex Walker

I'll grant you Cat in the Hat, and Love Guru both being substandard, and not worth one watch, but Wayne's World 2 and Axe Murderer do have their followers, and even the deplorable Cat didn't kill his career, and I just can't watch that or Love Guru. But Meyers also has other works in progress, so I think he still has a come back coming.

@ dragontech64

I'm not suggesting that Wayne's World 2 and Axe Murderer are bad films, I especially love Axe Murderer, but they did bomb. But yeah, I can't bear to watch Cat in the Hat or Love Guru either, so painfully bad (though I feel that way about the 3rd Shrek and Austin Powers: Goldmember, too - even if those were successful).

Kevin Spacey in Swimming with Sharks - 19 Best Movie Insults

Lol, Love these!

Fury Poster: War Never Ends Quietly

"Basically, World War II is just an attainment of this global mafia,
------------and now it's pretty clear,
-----------------------it was just RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT
-------------------------------------DISGUISED as WAR."
scholar/ researcher/ film-maker
Informed Radio

Mockingjay Part 1 Trailer: Katniss “Never Wanted Any of This”

I do not like the part 1 - part 2 stuff, I will wait and rent them both, ha ha

What Did It Mean? The Inception Ending Explained!

here's a simplified and illustrated explanation of the different dream layers in Inception: http://digestivepyrotechnics.b...

17 Best Guardians of the Galaxy Quotes

If you're going to do a list of movie quotes, get them verbatim, every third one of these is inaccurate.

9 Movie "Bombs" That Were Hits!

Why do you write about movies when you don't have even a basic idea how movies work?
Yes this movies made more on the ticket sales then they cost, but producers don't get 100% of money from ticket sales. They get roughly 50%.
That means that when Lone Ranger made 260 million dollars in ticket sales, production company got back 130 million. And they spent 215 million.
Last time I checked when you spend 215 and get back 130, you didn't make a profit.

John Wick Trailer: Keanu Reeves Is Killer

I want to see this movie. This looks exciting!

Cloud Atlas Explained: All the Characters in One Infographic

I haven't seen it and I don't believe I will. Thanks for this interesting explanation. It must have been a lot of work.

Fury Brad Pitt

STILL more --DONE to DEATH-- GQ World War II. BLEH! MEANWHILE- - - the awesomely relevant 60th Annviersary
of the now 21st century DEFINING -----KOREAN WAR------
remains 'mysteriously overlooked'...

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