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Another classic from the View Askew-niverse, Kevin Smith's "Dogma" follows the journey of a New Jersey woman called upon to save the world from a couple of renegade angels. Really.


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Dogma Quotes

Anyone who isn't dead or from another plane of existence would do well to cover their ears right about now.


Azrael: Get me a... Holy Bartender.
Bartender: Never heard of it.
Azrael: Ahh, he doesn't know how to make a Holy Bartender. You do, don't you, Muse?
Serendipity: Don't...
Azrael: Ahh, anybody? No?
[Jay and Silent Bob shake their heads]
Azrael: Well, I know how to make a Holy Bartender...
[Azrael pulls out a gun, shoots the bartender repeatedly, then laughs hysterically]
Azrael: Get it?

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