Man of Steel Poster
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The new Man of Steel poster. The one-sheet arrived at Comic-Con.

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September 11th, 2007 at 9:59 amwhere is the itoennvry built-up? i tracked a few central jersey towns and found out it went down even after 9/1 ARMs re-set.8/07/2007 24418/21/2007 23719/11/2007 2202Dude you crack me up. I have called you out on this before and now it is even worse. First off, you go to, type in the city select the state and you get a number to appear on the screen, jot it down and say that this in the itoennvry of unsold homes. But what you are forgetting is rentals. Now, I am not saying that rentals have made the 200 unit decrease, IF and IF in fact your numbers are real for post 9/11 dates. I am here to point out that they are probably crap.First, the towns you selected are the same as the ones you presented in your previous post more than a month ago. The difference this time is you left an additional 7 or so towns out of this list (monmouth junction, plainsboro,etc.), probably the ones where itoennvry increased. Which leads me to believe You select the towns that work in your favor!Second, I do not think anyone on here can track the itoennvry for the dates you posted, hence We have to trust you!Third, again I am calling shenanigans and labeling you njrereport's Lazy Statistician

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Man of Steel lands on DVD and Blu-Ray and offers the rarest of looks inside the making of a superhero blockbuster movie. We have enjoyed...

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