The Disney doc African Cats arrives on home video. African Cats is an astounding piece of work from DisneyNature.
Fang defends his pride from the alligators that pose a risk to the land carnivores.
This young lion cub enjoys the protection of his pride and spends most of his time playing with the other cubs.
The Cheetah cubs are finally big enough to hunt on their own.
The entire pride will protect the young lions from harm, especially other male lions from outside the pride.
Lionesses often sit together in prides, nurturing their young until it's time to hunt.
A mother lioness cleans her cub and cuddles with her as a sign of affection.
Poster for the documentary African Cats, narrated by Samuel L. Jackson.

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African Cats Review

African Cats is a family-friendly documentary about lions and cheetahs that kids will find entertaining, while at the same time informing...

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