Jumping the Broom arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray starring Angela Bassett and Paula Patton
Mr. and Mrs. Watson are the uptown parents of Sabrina who are very wealthy and live in Martha's Vineyard.
The families have to make nice despite their inherent differences in order to pull off the weekend.
Despite everything their families put them through, Sabrina and Jason are still in love.
Angela Basset and Loretta Devine battle it out for who's the bigger diva in Jumping the Broom.
Sabrina and Jason met and fell in love despite being from very different backgrounds.
Friends try to understand each other despite the cultural differences. It makes for some pretty funny moments.
Poster for the new comedy Jumping the Broom. Uptown meets Downtown.

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Jumping The Broom Review

Sure there are some predictable rom com moments -- it is a movie about a wedding after all -- but Jumping the Broom brings heart and...

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