Steven Spielberg directs a scene of Lincoln. The film would win an Oscar for Daniel Day Lewis.
Lincoln star Adam Driver. Driver has just been cast in Star Wars: Episode VII.
The DVD of Lincoln. Steven Spielberg directed Lincoln, a film that won Daniel Day Lewis an Oscar for Best Actor.
Steven Spielberg on the set of Lincoln. The biography of Abraham Lincoln stars Daniel Day Lewis.
Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln. The film is from Steven Spielberg.
James Spader anchors the political operative team in Lincoln. The Steven Spielberg film is a slice in time during the Lincoln presidency.
James Spader stars in Lincoln. The Steven Spielberg movie about President Lincoln is a sure fire Oscar hit.
Daniel Day Lewis and Joseph Gordon Levitt star in Lincoln. The film is out now, but goes wide November 16.
Lincoln stars Daniel Day Lewis as the 16th president. The Steven Spielberg film follows the final weeks of Lincoln's life.
Daniel Day Lewis is Lincoln. The actor is in the latest Steven Spielberg movie.
Daniel Day Lewis stars in Lincoln. The two-time Oscar winner is our 16th president.
The star of Lincoln, Daniel Day Lewis. The film is the latest from Steven Spielberg.

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Lincoln Quotes

[giving a speech at a dedication raising the flag] The part assigned to me is to raise the flag which, if there be no fault in the machinery, I will do. And, when up, it shall be for the people to keep it up. That's my speech.

Abraham Lincoln

I don't hold with equality in all things, just equality before the law, nothing more.

Thaddeus Stevens

Lincoln Review

The first thing audiences need to know about the latest Steven Spielberg film is that Lincoln is more legislative drama than Great...

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Lincoln Trailer

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