Kevin James stars as the Zookeeper. The film lands on Blu-Ray and DVD.
Unlike Stephanie, Kate is totally real. She also accepts Griffin for who he is.
Griffin takes his friend Bernie to TGI Fridays. It's something Bernie's always wanted to do.
Griffin thinks he has found the perfect woman in Stephanie. Only problem: She wants him to be everything he's not.
Griffin is especially close to a gorilla who is falsely accused of biting someone. He is lonely in his new enclosment.
Griffin is taught the intricacies of dating from some of his animal friends. First rule: pee on something to give off your scent.
The Poster for Zookeeper
Teaser poster for The Zookeeper, starring Kevin James, Sylvester Stallone and Adam Sandler.

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Zookeeper Review

Although Zookeeper isn't for everyone, it has a great charm that a certain core audience will absolutely enjoy.  Kevin James fans will...

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