The Whipped Cream Bikini
Here's one of the most famous shots in cinematic history: Ali Larter in Varsity Blues, wearing nothing but whipped cream.

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Besides whipped cream, my wife and I also use the dnspeiser to infuse spices into our meat. We put small pieces of pork or steak and put a bunch of spices into the dnspeiser and dispense a n20 cylinder. After that press the lever to release the gas out and it seasons the meat really really well.


lol thats not whipped cream its shaving cream! in the movies and ads they use shaving cream bcuz whipped cream slides *splat* to the floor lol!!!


lol thats not whipped cream its shaving cream... in movies and ads they use shaving cream bcuz real whipped cream just slides *slpat* to the floor lol!!!


nice food stuff

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Varsity Blues Quotes

Jonathon "Mox' Moxon: The male erection. Pitchin' a tent, sportin' a wood, stiffie, flesh rocket, tall tommy, Mr. Morbis, the march is on, icycle has formed, Jack's magic beanstalk, rigor mortis has set in, Mr. Mushroom-head, mushroom on a stick, purple headed yogurt slinger... oh, and a pedro.
Miss Davis: ...a pedro?
Mox: yeah, uh huh.

Charlie Tweeder: Will you listen to me? Bitches are all just panty droppers. You understand? That's it.
Mox: What?
Charlie Tweeder: Listen. You give 'em Percocet, two Vicoden and a couple of beers, and the panties drop. It's very nice.
Mox: [laughing] It's nice.
Charlie Tweeder: [emphatically] It's nice.
Mox: Tweeder, you think you'll enjoy prison?
Charlie Tweeder: [not paying attention] I don't know.
[looks up]
Charlie Tweeder: What?