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Check out an entire 10 minutes of the new movie John Carter. Disney has released a portion of the film based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' novels that is arriving in theaters March 9.
The Super Bowl trailer for Disney's John Carter. Taylor Kitsch stars as the titular hero, a man who unknowingly leaves the Civil War battlefields for a Civil War on Mars.
The teaser for the John Carter Super Bowl trailer has arrived. Disney is also offering two tickets to next year's Super Bowl in New Orleans with a promo code to debut during the John Carter trailer.

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John Carter Quotes

Kantos Kan: I hear that you are incredibly dangerous... take me hostage.
John Carter: What?
Kantos Kan: Take me hostage...
John Carter: Are you alright?

A man can change his armor but not his heart.

Dejah Thoris

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The glory of John Carter is how the film manages to be a blockbuster and a story that feels equally Shakespearean in its ability to...

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