The TV spot for the movie Flight. Robert Zemeckis directs and Denzel Washington stars.


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I thought about Lea and falimy today as I passed one of our popular camping areas along the big river. At least in Cali you get cool nights. Here not so much. Right now it is still 89b0 at 9:30. The mosquitoes won\'t let you sleep outside. A stuffy tent sounds awful.When I was a teenager, my parents rented a truck with a camper glued on the back and we took it up into the Maritimes for vacation. It would have been a lot more fun if my brother hadn\'t been along, but other than that it was fine.

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Flight Review

The reason that Flight manages to work is a trifecta of talent: Denzel Washington, Robert Zemeckis and screenwriter John Gatins. Those...

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Flight Trailer