The first trailer for Pilot has landed. Flight stars Denzel Washington as a pilot who saves a plane from crashing.


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    1- The 321 s engine potioisn means a safe water landing would be very difficult. They will act like giant scoops and will tear that airframe to bits. A ditching in water is not recomended but if it's your only alternative, approach at a low speed and gently let the plane descend.2- OAT is usually given by a gauge inside the aircraft. But in ISA(International Standard Athmposphere conditions) temp will decrease 2C for every 1,000ft gain.3-Nothing as long as it's not below 10-5C. Antiice uses warm air from the engines and reroutes them to critical parts of the aircraft like the leading edges.4- A pin is inserted into the nose gear as to prevent it form. This prevents the aircraft from going to one side during pushback.It's like pushing your bike from the front. You dont have an idea where the hell it's gonna go. You can tell the tug which way to push you by pressing either 1(left) or 2(right) shortly after you press Shift+P5- Bring up the GPS, press the direct to button, press the arrow key and entre the airport identifier. Press enter.If you have any more questions email me.

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