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The trailer for the Tarantino XX Blu-Ray release. The box set features eight of the classics of Quentin Tarantino.

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    Why is everyone snayig that SAW came out first?Really SAW may of been one of the first movies like this but this is so different, saw is about teaching that life is worth living!HOSTEL has to do with paying people to torture people, thats so WAYYYY DIFFERENT!!! and yeah SAW is a sweet movie and so will this be so really, their both amazing and SAW will never be put to shame it is one of the most original movies out there, and so is HOSTEL, so really if you think this movie is just like saw I DARE YOIU ALL TO MAKE UP MOVIES LIKE THIS, REALLY I BET NOT ONE OF YOU WOULD EVER BE ABLE TO COME UP WITH THEMES LIKE THIS so all you people are liek OHH ITS LIKE SAW, i dare you to do even better..OH WAIT YOU CAN'T

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