Who Should Play Hugh Hefner?

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Hugh Hefner
Brett Ratner will be directing a biopic about Hugh Hefner, titled Playboy.

So, with Playboy looking to get the fast track to your local multiplex, MTV decided to do some casting.Who should play Hef?

How about…

Ewan McGregor - The only thing stopping us from loving this idea is Ewan tends to fall a little flat when he goes American.

Hugh Jackman - He's got more charm in his pinky than Jude Law's got in his Alfie wannabe body. Plus, Ratner and Hugh seemed to get along alright on X-Men: The Last Stand.

Owen Wilson - He's the butterscotch stallion, people! And, judging from our subscription to TheHollywoodGossip.com, he's been preparing for the role all his life.

David Duchovny - He projects intelligence and a sexy subversive edge. But is he bankable without Gillian Anderson by his side?

Johnny Depp - We're not really sure why, except that we know he'll do something interesting with it.

Russell Crowe - When you want a hit of testosterone from your leading man, who do you turn to if not Crowe?

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