An Inside Look at The Golden Compass

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It's a good thing we'll have a lot of vacation time at work this winter. Look at all the movies we can't wait to watch!

We already showed the movie trailer for I Am Legend. Now, here's a look at Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman from The Golden Compass:

Daniel Craig Picture

Nicole Kidman Picture

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The Golden Compass Quotes

Ragnar Sturlusson: Is that all?
[hits Iorek]
Ragnar Sturlusson: Is that all? IS THAT AAAALL?
[Iorek swings at him and breaks his lower jaw off, then bites him in the throat, killing him]
Iorek Byrnison: Yes, that is all.

Lyra Belacqua: [upon receiving the alethiometer] What is this?
Master: It's an alethiometer. It tells the truth. You are meant to have it. You keep the alethiometer to yourself, it's of the utmost importance to yourself, to all of us, and perhaps to all creation.