Jennifer Connelly Speaks on Reservation Road

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How versatile is Jennifer Connelly?

She's starring in the upcoming drama Reservation Road and the upcoming romantic comedy He's Just Not That Into You.

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The gorgeous actress recently spoke on the latter:

Q: What do you think your character would have done with the information that Joaquin Phoenix's character, Ethan, had in regards to who really killed their child?
Jennifer Connelly: I think there are different components to it. First of all, I think the betrayal is infuriating. That's one element to it, this notion that they've been spending so much time together and he didn't know. That's a huge betrayal. But I think that they differ in that they have this confrontation, Ethan and Grace, [whether they should] care or not care about finding the guy? S

he just sees it differently. To her, I think the thing she's wrestling with is that nothing will make it better. The problem is the hole in her life and I think Ethan is chasing this demon that he's created as if inflicting horror on him [Mark Ruffalo's character, Dwight] or capturing him will set something right.

I don't think she feels it's going to take away any of the pain or suffering by inflicting it on someone else. I think she just views it as ‘how am I going to move around this huge hole in my life?'

Q: You and Joaquin worked together 10 years ago in "Inventing the Abbotts." Has he changed since then?
Connelly: I didn't have much to do with Joaquin in "Inventing the Abbotts." I remember having one scene with him and having to wear weird hats. I was an airline stewardess so I didn't have an experience with him like this. I've seen him and run into him a few times so I thought fondly of him, which is nice going into this.

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