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What is the upcoming movie, Awake, starring Jessica Alba about? Let's ask the gorgeous actress herself...

It's about anesthetic awareness which is what happens when you go under for surgery, get put under for anesthesia and they don't give you enough for your body weight. Basically you're body is asleep, like it should be, but your mind is awake. So you hear and you can feel the entire surgery.

The whole time you can't say anything. You can't talk. You can't move. You can't cry. You can't do anything. You just have to suffer through it until it wears off.


It happens to people... So Hayden Christensen's character goes through this whole thing. My character, we're engaged for six months. We've been together for a year and when he gets a call that he got a heart, it's available and he can have this heart transplant, he's like, I'm going to do something for myself.

We're going to get married because our relationship he's been keeping a secret from his mother. So then the mother, in the waiting room with me, finds out that we got married and I'm her assistant.

And he's like a billionaire. So she doesn't trust my character and thinks it's weird She's always been coddling him his whole life and she doesn't want to let go. Then while he's in surgery, he has flashbacks to their relationship and how it started and why it means so much. She's the reason why he lives through this terrifying experience.

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