Marc Forster Dishes on Bond 22

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Forgive Marc Forster if he doesn't have too many answers regarding Bond 22 right now.

The director behind the next James Bond movie has been hard at work on another publicized project: the adaption of the best-selling book, The Kite Runner.

He recently told what made him sign up for such varying types of movies back-to-back:

"After doing The Kite Runner and being in this world and being in tents in Western China in the hardest conditions where obviously, you don't have any stars, so you're limited with your budget and what you can do," Forster said.

"Ultimately, the studio has to watch out for the commercial possibilities of the films, so doing a Bond film next is just a new challenge, something different. I always like - if you look at my films - I always like to do the opposite of what I just did."

Makes sense to us.

But what about the casting of Bond 22? Any news, aside from Daniel Craig as Bond, of course?

"No, I still have to do it all. I've been really focusing on The Kite Runner as well, so there has been no casting news, nothing."

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