Melissa George Talks About 30 Days of Night

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Melissa George is making the move into movies.

The young actress is still noticed these days mostly for her guest starring stint on Friends, but that may change after audiences see her new horror film, 30 Days of Night.

Below, George talks about the film: I know you've said you didn't want to do a lot more horror after doing this movie.
Melissa George: You know, it's not about genre, it's about the script. You can never say "never" because every movie has, sometimes a great storyline or a genre, which everybody loves to pigeonhole things into. Could be horror, you never know.

Shock: True, even David Slade's previous movie "Hard Candy" was considered horror, which I'm not sure is altogether accurate.
George: D'you see what I mean? People love horror. They call it a horror even if it's not a horror. ‘Cause it had a horrific scene in it, so it becomes a horror.

Shock: Are you a fan of the genre, because you've definitely been doing a lot of horror movies lately.
George: Well, lately? No, like three years ago I did "Amityville" and then this one.

Shock: And "Turistas."
George: That's not horror. No. It's a precautionary tale. It's a sexy Brazilian movie.

Shock: Oh, okay. It certainly was marketed as a horror film.
George: Of course they market it as a horror film, because that's what they think sells, but no, I don't think.. I've been doing "Music Within" which is not a horror. "Waz" is not a horror. "Stopping Power" is not a horror. "Entreatment" is not a horror. My next six jobs are not horror.

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Eben Olemaun: They? Who are they?

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