Saw IV Tolls for Tobin Bell

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With Saw IV opening this week, who better to hear from than the horror film's star, Tobin Bell? He recently talked about the film on a conference call:

Question: This is your fourth Saw film in as many years. Can you tell us what attracted you to the role yet again?
Tobin Bell: He's a big character. There could be nothing better for an actor than to play a role where the chraacter is a multi-faceted guy. I mean, he is a scientist. A very well read guy. A man of conviction. He is passionate about what he does. There is something Shakespearian about him in a way.

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Also, there is a lot more story to be told. I feel like the Saw story doesn't play out in a linear way. It doesn't happen in sequence, necessarily. Whenever you have the opportunity to develop a guy like this, it's a blessing. It's what actors become actors for.

Q: I think we can gather from some of the clips we've seen, and the trailer, that you are still carrying on with your same M.O. You still have the tape-recorded messages. I'm wondering, if he is dead now, why does he still have to disguise his voice?
Tobin Bell: Why does he still need to disguise his voice? You know, not having seen the film, you might rephrase that question. A lot of this stuff is done with special effects. It's a movie, guys. In terms of answering your question, the time frame in which these recordings were done is not clear. You have to ask yourself:

"What was that time frame? What was his understanding of his liability when he made those recordings? Are all recordings made in that machine automatically distorted?" So, you know? I understand the logic of your question. But, having not seen the film, that is the best that I can do to answer it. It makes sense to me, that if that's his modus operandi that he wouldn't change it.

He wouldn't make it sound more like something you'd hear every day. "Hi, this is John calling you." That type of thing. It probably has a basis in logic, and time. And it probably has a story basis also.

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