Sean Astin: Expect a Goonies Sequel

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Great news from Rudy Sean Astin!

The actor, who got his career jump started in the classic film Goonies, is proud to say that a sequel to the film is an "absolute certainty."

"The writing's on the wall when they're releasing the [Goonies] DVD in such numbers," said Astin who also made a name for himself in The Lord of the Rings series, of course.

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According to another former Goonies star, Corey Feldman, numerous plotlines are being floated, with his favorite involving the children of the original Goonies embarking on an adventure of their own. That idea's a no-brainer for Astin, who says the real-life growth of the actors should factor heavily into a Goonies 2.

"Steven [Spielberg] and Dick [Donner] and all the powers that be … they really feel like the thing that made the movie strong was that it was about kids, so they really want to make the next movie about kids…the next generation of Goonies. And they've had a hard time tackling that."

Like Feldman, Astin sees the passing of the torch concept to be a logical progression for the franchise.

"I have three children," he said, "and Corey's got a kid now [too]. So as we now all have kids who are coming into the age that we were when we made the movie, it's more likely to me that they'll figure out how to design a story that will satisfy the older audience in terms of connecting with the original 1985 Goonies, and then [also] create this new thing."

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Sean Astin

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At this point, Sean Astin is better known as "Rudy." He starred in Goonies back in the day, however, and is still beloved for that role.

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