Sondre Lerche Talks About Dan in Real Life

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We've already heard from the star of Dan in Real Life, Steve Carell.

Now, here are a few words from the musician behind the soundtrack of the movie, Sondre Lerche.

Cinematical: How did you get involved with Dan in Real Life?
Sondre Lerche: Well, Peter [Hedges] had heard a couple of my songs and thought that my music had the right kind of sound and feel for the movie, and so he came to my apartment in New York and we talked about what he was trying to do. He wanted one musician to do all the music, and he wanted it to have a unique feel, like Harold and Maude.

Then I played him a song that I had written a couple days before, and he loved it. So I read the script that Peter was in the process of rewriting and started attending auditions and rehearsals for the movie so I could get the mood right.

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