The Flash Gets a New Director

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The Flash Gets a New Director
Like a flash, The Flash has a new man behind the camera.

Wedding Crashers and Fred Claus director David Dobkin revealed to MTV News that he's signed with Warner Bros. to bring the comic book hero to the big screen in a solo project, taking over for Shawn Levy who has left for undisclosed reasons.

As followers of The Flash know, of course, this movie won't be the first time we see the fleet-footed an on screen: he'll play a major part of the upcoming Justice League of America. But while fans wait for that story and casting announcements, Dobkin gave the following hint of his flick:

Asked which version of The Flash would be the hero of his flick, Dobkin didn't hesitate. "Wally West," he said.

The Flash has certainly courted directors primarily known for their comedic work. However, this doesn't mean they'll treat the character like a joke, Dobkin said. Asked about his vision for the Flash, Dobkin revealed with a somewhat melancholy tagline:

"You can't outrun yourself."

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