Writers Discuss Sequel to Harold & Kumar

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Harold & Kumar
Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle has become a cult classic on DVD, along the lines of Old School and Anchorman.

So it was probably a no-brainer for writers Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg to pen a follow-up, tentatively called Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, but also known for now simply as Harold & Kumar 2.

During the Austin Film Festival, Schlossberg said the sequel is "going to be just like Eurotrip, but it's not going to suck." He went on to explain that the original script for the sequel was a lot like Eurotrip... but then that movie came out, the plot had to be changed.

"I think we ended up with a much better story as a result," Schlossberg said. "We were thinking - if they go on a plane, what kind of stereotypes are they going to deal with there. It's very balls-out crass, offensive, shocking, gross - there's that type of comedy in the movie, but another layer with it that we hope connects the same way the first one did."

Hurwitz added: "The movie isn't overly political... but it's about taking these guys and examining another thing that's been going on in our society for the past few years. We put them in this mistaken identity situation, they're mistaken as terrorists, thrown into Guantanamo Bay.

The second act of this movie is that Harold and Kumar have escaped and they're on the run like The Fugitive. So it's exploring America in a different kind of way and hopefully provides the laughs the first one did."

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Chloe: You remember that time you stole that monkey and put it in Rosenberg's dorm room?
Kumar Patel: Had I known that the monkey had AIDS I never would have done that.

Kumar Patel: In eight hours we are going to be in Amersterdam.
Harold Lee: This is amazing.
Kumar Patel: I know dude, it's going to be exactly like Eurotrip except its not going to suck.