A Sneak Peak at 27 Dresses

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Katherine Heigl might be stuck in an unbearable story line on Grey's Anatomy, but her next movie looks promising.

It's called 27 Dresses and it's based around a woman who's constantly a bridesmaid, but, alas, never a bride. Here's a look at three of those dresses on Heigl:

One Dress

With the white bow strapped across Heigl's backside, costume designer Cat Thomas tried to "make a really beautiful couture gown sort of be ridiculous at the same time."

Another Dress

Heigl accessorizes a short strapless gown with a spiked choker for a friend's goth nuptials.

A Third Dress

Heigl wore a traditional kimono with sandals and special toe-socks at a Japanese wedding.

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27 Dresses Quotes

I feel like I just found out my favorite love song was written about a sandwich.


Kevin: [in Jane's apartment, with her showing off her dresses as she pulls out a loud-looking Gone With The Wind dress] What is that?
Jane: [holding the dress up to herself] Theme wedding!
Kevin: What was the theme? Humiliation?