A Sneak Peak at Rambo

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Our thanks to MTV Movies Blog for the following exclusive look at the next Rambo film, along with a quote from the film's star, Sylvestor Stallone:

MTV: Where are you at with "Rambo" today? What remains to be done? What are the biggest challenges you're finding in the editing room?
STALLONE: We are just finishing up post-production on the film, which will be released on January 25th. The biggest challenges I've had is finding the right balance between the true Burmese crisis â€" which has been on going on for 60 years, where rape, torture and murder are commonplace there â€" and creating an action film that gives vieweres what they want, without being preachy.

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Rambo Quotes

Burma's a warzone.

John J. Rambo

When you're pushed, killing's as easy as breathing.

John J. Rambo