Jerry Seinfeld Buzzes About Bee Movie

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Jerry Seinfeld
If you own a TV, you know that Jerry Seinfeld is coming out with an animated feature Bee Movie. He hasn't exactly been shy about hyping it.

Below, Entertainment Weekly asks the comedian a few questions about the project...

So why bees?
I love utopian societies, which is what they live in - it seemed like a very '60s corporate environment to me, where people believed in the company, and government, and society. I love that. To me, utopia is an old Jack Lemmon movie. Growing up, I thought that would be the ultimate life, to have a convertible and work in an office in Manhattan.

What was it like working with Steven Spielberg at DreamWorks? Did he help you out a lot?
He did. He adjusted my acting in some scenes, and he made some huge plot adjustments that were very, very key to us solving the story.

Like what?
Well, this is embarrassing to tell you, but I'll tell you. At one point in the movie, we have this adventure sequence with a plane. But it all got kind of action-adventurey. It felt like a Raiders of the Lost Ark kind of scene. And Steven watched it one day and he said, ''What happened to the silly movie?'' And I said, ''Well, this is the action part.''

He says, ''No, you gotta keep the silly going all the way.'' So as a comedy person, I was quite embarrassed to be told that, you know, you're supposed to be funny here. We eventually figured it out.

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