Writer of He-Man Movie Dishes on Script, Casting

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Justin Marks is the latest writer to try his hand at a He-Man movie. He recently talked about the story line for it:

"We're talking about the He-Man mythology. So what we're talking about doing, in the same way as Batman Begins, we're going back to the original thing, let's build it from the ground up again. How can we find our way in? How can we jump into Adam's life at an interesting point where new audiences will respect him?


It's an Adam origin story, and it's a Skeletor origin story. We want to see where both of them come from and how they got that way. If we don't see the humanity and the truth in what Skeletor's trying to do, then the story's not compelling."

As for who will play He-Man? Well, you can count out The Rock or Triple H.

"Let me just say we don't want wrestlers. I'm not saying he should be He-Man, but Michael Biehn is my all-time favorite actor. You go to Hicks or Kyle Reese, and James Cameron created that action hero type, and I feel like I always write with the mindset of that type of hero who doesn't exist these days.

He's that guy who, if he took a weapon and said, "Follow me," I'd be right behind him.'"

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