Charlie Wilson's War: The Movie Reviews

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Charlie Wilson's War is generating a decent amount of Oscar buzz.

But does it deserve it? Let's find out what a cross section of critics are saying about this Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts vehicle:

- A pleasant enough film, but I simply didn't see what all the awards talk is about. -- Hollywood Report Card

- Tells a momentous story - a story every American should know - in a boisterous, lickety-split style that makes the history lesson go down easily. -- New York Magazine

- When Charlie Wilson's War is on target - pretty much every time Tom Hanks and Philip Seymour Hoffman appear on-screen together - it's a really enjoyable movie. -- The Arizona Republic

- Charlie Wilson's War is a journalistic satire of realpolitik in which our jerry-rigged alliances, which looked strategic at the time, end up biting the U.S. in unforeseen ways. -- Entertainment Weekly

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Charlie Wilson's War Quotes

That's a thick ass door!

Charlie Wilson

Joanne Herring: [Joanne has just told Bonnie to get her a cocktail] She doesn't like me.
Charlie Wilson: Everybody likes you.
Joanne Herring: She's a liberal.
Charlie Wilson: I'm a liberal.
Joanne Herring: [puts her hand on his butt] Not where it counts.