Gemma Arterton, Talulah Riley Dish on St. Trinian's

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St. Trinian's is a critically acclaimed British comedy. It stars a few well-known actors - such as Colin Firth and Mischa Barton - but two of its main stars are receiving a bulk of the film's attention:

Gemma Arterton and Talulah Riley. The pair recently spoke with IGN about the movie and their careers:

IGN: Would you have wanted to go to St. Trinian's yourselves?
Talulah Riley: I would because you get to be an individual and have individual expression, but on the other hand they're criminals, so it might have been a bit wild in there.
Gemma Arterton: Yeah I agree, I think I would have loved the craziness of it, and being able to do what you want, but I would have gone a bit off the rails! I would have gone the wrong way...

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IGN: Were you both worried about the more salacious elements of film?
Talulah Riley: If you know Oliver (Parker) and Barnaby (Thompson); the directors, then you'll know they're the nicest guys and they're just family men and you know it's not going to be anything dreadful.
Gemma Arterton: And I think the way that it's directed, it's been really skilfully done. They've not allowed it to become like that, they've worked really hard and I think they've succeeded in not making it smutty.

IGN: What's next?
Talulah Riley: I don't know yet!
Gemma Arterton: I've got a couple of films coming up next year, I've just finished doing a black comedy called Three and Out, with McKenzie Crook. I'm also in Guy Ritchie's new film Rocknrolla â€" it's a gangster film and I have a really small part in it as a ditzy secretary. It's got influences from the music industry and it's quite dark and that comes out early next year.

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