Johnny Depp, Tim Burton Talk About Sweeney Todd

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Here are a couple highlights of an interview Johnny Depp and Tim Burton recently gave to Movie Web:

Why did you want to do this picture, Johnny?
I mean I was familiar to some degree with the earlier versions of this, this stuff that you know I'd seen the, the video of um Angela Lansbury quite extensively.

And, and I'd seen the more recent production of it and then just thought it might be, you know certainly a great opportunity to, to try to find a, a new Sweeney, a different Sweeney in kind of a way I suppose like a ... just like a little contemporary in the sense of like also the punk rock Sweeney you know.

How would you describe the process?
I think I was probably more frightened than anyone, except maybe Tim. No he really trusted me with it you know and, and like you know I, I was very lucky that he allowed me to ... 'cause I didn't have a process really you know in terms of the singing. I've never sang before in my life so er so, so I had to kinda find my way to it.

I thought it was important that I, you know, keep it very, very low key and, and so yeah I initially did these demos in my friend's garage studio and, cause I didn't know if I would be able to hit a note or. I just, I wanted to make sure I could do it for Tim.

So then, we did, I think the first demo we cut was with my friend, and like you know I showed it to er I showed it to Tim. You know he waited for the outcome really.

Read the full interview now.

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