Photos of Will Smith on the Set of Hancock

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As I Am Legend continues to rake in cash at the box office, Will Smith is already hard at work on his next blockbuster. It's called Hancock, it opens in July and here's a synopsis of the film:

Smith portrays an alcoholic superhero that falls out of public favor. A publicist (Jason Bateman) helps rehabilitate his image, but the superhero eventually begins an affair with the publicist's wife (Charlize Theron).

Got all that? Sounds like a winner to us. Here are two shots of Smith as the title character, John Hancock:

Hancock Picture

John Hancock

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Hancock Quotes

[to Asian gangsters] Your head is going up his ass, his head is going up his ass, and you get the short end of the straw, cause your head is going up my ass!


Ray Embrey: People don't like you, Hancock.
Hancock: Do I look like I care what people think?