Spoilers for Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins

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The Terminator is coming back.

Christian Bale has all but finalized a deal to star in the McG-directed Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, the first part of a brand-new trilogy envisioned by producers Derek Anderson, Victor Kubicek, and Moritz Borman.

Bale will portray John Connor. According to Anderson and Kubicek, the movie is set to begin shooting in either Australia or Budapest on March 15, with a budget ''north of $150 million.'' The pair recently talked to Entertainment Weekly about the franchise:

EW: There's been a lot of conflicting information about Bale's role in Salvation â€" including reports that he'll be playing the Terminator himself. Was this just the rumor mill spinning out of control yet again?
Derek Anderson: There's a hugely engaged fan base for this mythology. There are over a million fan sites out there. And they've been really waiting for this next installment, so as soon as word got out [that Bale was being considered], everybody started speculating: Is he the Terminator? Is he John Connor? Is it a new role that we haven't seen in the franchise in the past? Where that came from, we're not really sure. But he was always being considered for Connor.

EW: The other rumor was that Connor was only going to be a supporting role.
Anderson: John Connor is an ongoing, very central character throughout the next trilogy.
Victor Kubicek: Exactly. The mythology, really at the root of it, is the birth of the hero. John Connor is this modern-day, messianic figure that is going to lead our franchise forward.

EW: All right, easier question: Why Christian Bale for John Connor?
Anderson: Well, he's a brilliant actor, clearly.
Kubicek: Absolutely, and I think even more, like I said, this is kind of a messianic figure, somebody who's really complex and unlike a robot. There's this intense humanity. We feel like he really possesses that.

Will a certain governor make a cameo? Click here to read the rest of the interview.

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